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Golden Nuggets - the rare moments of solitude that sparks creativity

With a busy family life and a sick wife I find it of outmost importance for myself to seek out solitude, peace and quiet. With two kids and a bunch of pets our house is never quiet - there is always activity, from early morning to late at night. Don't get me wrong, I truly love it - having a children, a wife, a family etc. is all I ever wanted and what I live for - they are truly my everything and I'm theirs 110%. 

No matter how much I love it, it can of course at times be draining and I sometimes feel like I can't hear my own thoughts haha. Thinking and a lot of it is something that I do and need. A big reason why I get up at 5am EVERY day of the week is to find some "peace and quiet", but obviously one needs more. 

Sometimes work is work, but sometimes work is nurture. I find it really important to give myself time to just "get out there" i.e. go outside. I find myself outside walking, sitting enjoying a view or whatever. Most often I'm photographin…

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